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About Us - Gadgets Monster

About Us

Gadgets Monster is a website that serves as a resource for some of the coolest and top rated gadgets around. After collecting several gadgets over the years we decided to set up this site in order to inspire and help other people too. Whenever we come across a great product, or whenever we buy one ourselves, we make sure we add it to our website. Sometimes we get a really nice idea through e-mail from our followers which we love big time! So feel free to send us your idea at:

The products you find on our website are not sold by us directly. Instead we tell you where we found them and where you could buy them too. We receive a small percentage whenever one of our visitors makes a purchase. This helps us to pay the bills and keep our site fresh and updated. Make sure to check back whenever you wish as we’re adding new gear almost every day. We hope you enjoy!