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Air Swimmers Shark - Gadgets Monster

Air Swimmers Shark

Remote Controlled Flying Shark

This giant shark could be your new pet within a couple of days! With a total length of almost 60 inches you are sure not to miss it whilst if flies through your living room or up your stairs. The Air Swimmers company did a good job on building this affordable shark toy which is also available as a clownfish, a Bass fish, a dolphin, a whale or a turtle. The infra-red controller is extremely easy to handle for kids from the age of 8 and up. But we guess it’s sometimes even the parents that take it for a spin! In our opinion this is one of the best ways to surprise your kid and keep them busy for hours and hours.


More Details

rc sharkOne amazing thing about the Air Swimmers shark is it’s smooth and natural movement through the air. It’s tail and body floats as if it was at sea. You are in control of speed and all directions, as long as you stay within a distance of around 40 to 50 feet. One thing to notice however is the fact that you need to have it filled with helium. Maybe your neighbor or good friend has some left as it is not expensive. Party stores or gas stations are often willing to help you out too. Once it is filled up you should be able to enjoy it for about two weeks before it need re-inflating. The shark requires one AA battery, the control unit requires 3 of them. The extra strong nylon fabric will guarantee a long period of fun as long as you don’t take it to the extremes. The seller advises you to only use it indoors. Below there’s a short video to give you an impression of what this shark is all about.

All together this definitely is a gadget that most kids will love. It’s also great as a christmas or birthday gift. Here’s a list of our other funny gadgets.

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Air Swimmers Shark


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