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Your Own Ant Farm

One of the things that we ourselves love about this antquarium is the fact that it’s a complete ant world where all the necessary compartments are combined. This system allows enough fresh air to come into the ants working area, it has a feeding hole and even a separate space for their nests. Watch them build their own habitat, eat, drink, sleep and repopulate. A very interesting and fascinating toy that kids will absolutely adore! Even though it’s not huge, this is one of the bigger farms in it’s price category.

ant tank




What You Need To Know

The most important thing to mention is that this antquarium doesn’t come with the ants themselves. You either need to order them separately ($6.78 for 25 of them) or get them from somewhere else. You’ll come across the option to buy in case you decide to get one of these. The outer measurements of the tank are 4.25 x 4.25 x 4 inches so it should fit almost every room without a problem. The biggest area is the working space where the ants will dig their tunnels. It is filled with a nutritious seaweed gel. Interesting enough is the nursery hall where you can watch baby feeding and see them grow.

ant farm


Final Thoughts

Here’s a picture of what the digging will look like. Over weeks and months these tunnels will grow and become more complex. Which will make it more exciting the longer you own it. Unfortunately ants live for about 6 months so keep an eye on your newborns. They will be necessary to make the colony stand the test of time. The seller says that there is no need to feed the ants, but you can if you wish. All together a fun and kid friendly little piece of equipment.



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