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Aquapod Bottle Launcher -

Aquapod Bottle Launcher

Rocket Science?

Not really. It’s more an extremely easy way to bring simple mechanics to a fabulous and funny result. To be more specific, the Aquapod bottle launcher is a cool way for kids to experience the excitement of air travel in their own garden or any other playground. With all it’s safety features you can relax and watch them shoot regular soda bottles up to a hundred feet! Now that will keep them busy on a sunday afternoon. It has already been put together so you can start the excitement literally in minutes. Being light weight and easy to carry this is also good to bring on a holiday or a picknick day at the park. Keep in mind however that on a windy day it could land at a 50 feet distance.


How Does It Work?

equipped bottle launcher in actionFor a perfect lift-off you will need to increase the pressure inside the bottle. The thing is that only air will not do, as it would be released in just a second. Therefore you first need to partially fill an empty 2 liter bottle with normal water. You can experiment with the exact amount but about 40% should be enough. Just try for yourself and learn from the experience. If you add air pressure now you’ll have it accumulated in the upper ’empty’ part above the water. As soon as you release the safety valve this will allow the pressure to expand. Water will shoot out and lift the bottle up to 100 feet!


Things You Need To Already Have

Unfortunately there are three things you need to own yourself to complete this set and get started. First of all it’s an empty two-liter bottle. Obvious. Then you’ll need water which most of us have plenty of. Third but most importantly this gadget requires you to have a pump. It can be any pump you possess, like for example the one you use to inflate the tires of you bicycle. If have have access to these three tools you’re pretty much done. Order the launcher and get ready to shoot that first flight.


Aquapod Bottle Launcher Details

aquapod bottle launcher stationYou will get the plastic station and the activating cord. The plastic is actually very durable and the cord allows you to shoot from a safe distance. Make sure your kids only activate the launcher with this cord! Never ever operate the valve by hand and never hold this thing towards other people! There is no reason to use other liquids even though this seems like fun. The manufacturer states that you need to be at least 14 years of age to start the action. So if your kids are younger you need to help them out a little. This is the only version we could find online where you get to release pressure from a safe distance. For just over 30 bucks it’s worth to check out and read more before you get one.

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Aquapod Bottle Launcher


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