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Ask Me About My Trex Shirt -

Ask Me About My Trex Shirt

Flipping Surprise

We come across them more often nowadays as the Trex shirts start to gain a massive popularity. And even though the dinosaur is where it all started, we come across more and more similar geeky clothing if we search the web a little longer. We showcase the women adult version here, but you’ll find the same ones for both men and kids. Further down below we give you a couple of funny t-shirts that we ourselves consider to be within the same category. But let’s first take a closer look at this model. One of the best things about it is the so called “shrink fabric”. In other words, this cotton has already gone through the process of shrinking which allows a stable fit over time. As you have already guessed the T-rex has it’s print on the inside. If anybody asks you about it you flip your shirt over your head (or simply hold it up) and they’ll get the point. In order to enjoy this item for years to come you are guaranteed of a durable color adhesion. This won’t come off easily as you may have experienced in the past.


Sizes And Colors

ask me about my trex shirt greyWe always prefer to select clothes that come in a large amount of sizes. And so does this one. Like we said, this is the female shirt, the men or children option will pop up somewhere if you decide to check it out. Available sizes range from small to a double extra large. Prices are all the same except for the 2XL which will cost you two bucks more. The fit should not cause any problems but they seem to run just a little smaller than you are used to. So let’s say you are in between a small and a medium, you better choose the medium just to be sure. 71% of customers write in their reviews that all is perfect when they try it on. 29% tells us that they are (a little) tight. Just so you know. Besides sizing you also get to pick a color. We’ve run into several ones like red or grey. But there are more products added every now and then so we can’t keep track of them all. A few black ones with a green T-rex appears here and there, but if you ask us the other way around looks more appealing.


Similar Shirts

If for whatever reason you are not fully convinced that this is the perfect birthday present or gift to yourself, how about taking a minute to see what else is there to get. Here are some examples but notice that there is way more! If you have a pregnant wife and she’s up for some dinosaur fun you may like the first picture below. It says “I Want A T-Rex”. To add a bit of humor to it we came across this “Tea-Rex” drinking a cup of tea. For those who go to the gym without being totally motivated you could order the “T-Rex Hates Pushups”. And last but not least, if you really feel like going a little nuts with the whole family then don’t forget to dress your dog!

i want a trex   tea rex joketrex hates pushupstrex dog

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Ask Me About My Trex Shirt


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