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NASA Astronaut Helmet -

Astronaut Helmet

For Real Space Geeks

Fascination and mysteriousness are certainly two reasons why the universe keeps us curious about all it’s wonders. With Nasa exploring for life beyond earth it is no wonder why some of us dream about becoming an astronaut. Pictures from the two Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are just an example of where technology is taking us. However, we guess that most of our readers won’t get a ticket to the red planet unless you are considering to join the first manned journey in 2026 ( For everyone staying at home the one thing we can do is offer this astronaut helmet or even a full costume to express your interest.


The Helmet

astronaut helmet in detailThe model we show you here is made for adults. It is bigger than it looks and will fit both male and female grown ups. Even if you have a big head. Definitely don’t buy this for your kid as it will fall off and may cause injuries. It’s made from plastic and comes with a comfortable fitting on the inside to avoid bumping and pain. The blue shield can be opened, but when closed there still is enough space for people who wear glasses. Your vision will decrease a little bit when the visor is down. You can see everyone just perfectly at a party but don’t expect to be able to read a book. Take a little care since scratching could happen quickly if you bump against a wall for instance. One of the downsides is the price. There are cheaper ones out there but in our opinion they don’t even come close to the looks of this version. You’ll come across the entire selection before you place your order anyways so don’t worry.



female optionastronaut costumewhite costume and space helmetIf the astronaut helmet is not enough for you then consider one of these funny additions. How about an entire suit? Again, they’ll be shown to you as well, but let’s just pick a couple of them. Some look better than others and costs vary between 20 up to 120 bucks. Some let you pick a size which is great, especially if you have kids. Also there are male and female options as you can see from these pictures.


gloves accessoriesnasa backpackblack and white bootsTo take it one step further you may also like these boots, gloves or backpack. Especially a great idea if you’re planning to make a space movie or show up at comic con. Some people have been amazingly creative by using a greenscreen and film themselves on the moon or in some kind of rocketship. Whatever the reason, we hope you’ll find just the right gear you have been looking for and wish you happy dressing!

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Astronaut Helmet


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