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Cool Summer Bamboo Sunglasses -

Bamboo Sunglasses

Prepare For Summer

If you are looking for new equipment to rock this next summer then who knows these bamboo sunglasses will do the trick for you. Since they seem to become more popular on websites like Amazon, you’ll soon notice that your choices are almost endless. We picked just one of all the possibilities to give you an impression of what we’re talking about. But make sure you check out some of the other options and compare some prices before you get your own. The one we show you here can also be purchased with a different color of the frame. We’ll show you some example pictures below.


A Couple Of Important Facts

To be honest you would probably buy one of these just because you like the appearance. Don’t you agree? At least we think so. Bamboo is a wood category that’s not really the most popular for sunglasses is it? Still it’s a cool and fun combination. You’ll get a nice box with it for storage and therefore avoid scratches or cracks. One big advantage is the floating ability. In case you prefer to wear your sunglasses in the sea or in a pool, you won’t loose these! They’ll stay close to you at the surface of the water. The blue lenses measure 53 millimeters in width and 42 millimeters in height. The bridge in between them is 23 millimeters wide. Arms on both sides have a length of 14 centimeters which should be allright for most of us. The seller refers to this as being appropriate for faces in the small and medium category. Whet they mean by this is not really clear to us. Is there a face sizing chart that we missed? In that case it would be totally logic to follow that advise. But if you ask us this means that most of us should be able to wear it without discomfort.


How About A Money Back Guarantee?

This is what we always like about products. Let’s say you are not totally happy with your order. Choosing something form a picture can be hard. But with these glasses you are able to return them within 30 days to get your money back. Pretty nice right? Even if you order a couple of them at the same time. 100% refund is guaranteed. If you don’t end up buying these exact sunglasses, please make sure you somewhere read about the return policy. You just never know.


The Available Versions

There are a couple of different versions available from this specific seller. At this time there are 11 options, but we decided to show you just a couple of them. As with many products it is always a matter of taste, and we can’t really decide what our readers like the most. So here are the three alternatives we ourselves like best. You’ll come across the others at Amazon. Keep in mind that this item doesn’t meet the minimum order amount for free shipping. They ship for free on orders over 49 bucks. So pay attention to that.

cool colorblack and bamboobamboo alternative

Where to buy

Bamboo Sunglasses


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