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16th Century Barglobe -


Stylish Whiskey Bar

Since this globe is available in many different models and sizes it has gained a massive popularity over the past decade. Nowadays we come across them in more and more households, offices and sometimes luxury hotel rooms. Therefore it is no surprise that we start to notice them in several movies as well. They are just an eye catcher that somehow seem to add that extra touch to the scene. When we noticed it in the movie ‘Inglorious Basterds’ by Quentin Tarantino we thought we should definitely give it a go on our website as well. We selected one of the most favorite ones out there with good customer reviews. But keep in mind that the collection is way bigger. You’ll come across them as well if you decide to check it out.


In Case You Are Interested

barglobe in detailBring the 16th Century straight into your living room if this barglobe matches your home decor. And even if it doesn’t, maybe you got an empty corner that still needs some decoration. Made from wood, this bowl displays a map of the earth on it’s outside. On the inside you’ll find some illustrations of the heavens. It’s shipped in separate parts that are really easy to put together yourself. It took us about half an hour, the instructions are friendly and easy to understand. We guess it’s purpose should be already clear, it’s an elegant way to store your whiskey or whatever drink you prefer. Place some additional glasses to it and you are always ready to serve that delicious glass of whiskey or wine.



barglobe ice ballsIn case you prefer to enjoy your drink at colder temperatures then this will not be the perfect way to store your bottles. White wine is often stored in a fridge and vodka usually in a freezer. But let’s stick with the idea that you consider to store some of your finest whiskey’s in there. Still you would be able to drink it cold by adding some ice cubes to your glass. We already took a closer look at the famous whiskey stones in another article, but you could also consider to have these ice balls ready for use. The mold will provide you with four of them and will cost you just under 8 bucks. In the end most of us already own some kind of ice cube set, but for those who really want to impress their guest this may be a cool addition.


barglobe glassesAnother way to get the best out of this barglobe is by filling it with a couple of glasses. Again, you probably already own a couple of them but if you don’t then here’s a little inspiration. It includes a decanter in case you prefer to store your beverage in one of those. Then you’ll get six glasses which have been made in Italy. The starburst look contributes to the saying that taste is being influenced by what we see. All the seven pieces will cost you 23 bucks, but they will give that classic look to your globe for sure.


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