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Your New Buddy BB8 -



Your Droid Buddy!

Have you already seen the trailer for the new Star Wars movie ‘The Force Awakens‘? It will be in theaters by the end of this year (2015), but the real fans must have noticed the new character BB8 already! Rolling like a ball this simply is an incredible and thrilling addition to the galaxy. Just like R2D2, this astromech droid is going to steal the show and here’s the chance to own one yourself. And believe us, it’s way more than just a robot friend. In fact the video below will reveal all it’s functions and give you a perfect impression of what you’re about to experience. But let us take a minute anyways to make sure you get all the details first hand.


bb8 packageWhat Can It Do?

One thing that came to our minds was the fact that a couple of years back there was the interactive R2D2. When we take a closer look at BB8 however we can definitely say that technology almost travels at te speed of light! Comparing the two is something you shouldn’t be doing in our opinion. And the reason for that is simple: BB8 has a way cooler design, it’s much faster and it comes with an almost magical technology. One sweet feature is that this droid will grow it’s own personality over time. So besides recognizing your voice and following your commands it will also start to develop a mind of it’s own. Now you probably want to see some action in your house, and that’s perfectly fine for BB8. From your smartphone or tablet you can control it’s directions and make him go wherever you want. Pay attention to not make him bump against your walls too often as this will not result in a happy roommate. But he can handle it! Another fun feature is the possibility to record a holographic video which can be displayed at any desired moment. Check the video to see this in action. Once you’re done for the day you can set this droid to self entertainment mode which will make him explore your house and maybe show his face every now and then.


bb8 smartphoneFinal Details

The charge station with power cable is included. A full charge takes about an hour, after which you’ll be able to enjoy three hours of rolling entertainment. Operation is possible with both Apple and Android devices but you need to stay within a hundred feet range. All together this will put a smile on your face and kids will love it! It’s a good introduction to the world of Star Wars in case they are too young to watch the movies. This being said, we can watch the video below time after time just to see it roll! And that’s what makes it so outstanding! We even ordered two ourselves and took them for a spin. Watch our race here.


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