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Beer Cap Maps -

Beer Cap Maps

The Cap Collector

So this obviously is something that a beer freak would love! Some of us like to try different beer types that we bought from a local liquor store or maybe even on a holiday. And since taste is also influenced by what we see, there could be moments when we think “Cool bottle” or even “Cool cap”. Unfortunately we usually get rid of the bottle as it’s either taking too much space or it’s just not worth to bring home from a vacation. Beer caps however tend to be kept for one reason or the other in a much larger quantity. Now to keep those caps in a nice place, and to enjoy memories to their fullest, we like to tell you about one of our personal favorites: The beer cap maps.


Random Information

beer cap maps filledIf you are a fan of caps then you may have already found a sweet way to present them in your house or office. If however you haven’t, then maybe it’s a funny and geeky idea to bring your collection back to life. Let’s face it, it would be a shame to just keep them in a box and forget about the whole thing. Luckily there are a lot of different maps to choose from. You could for instance get this USA version and simply add all of your personal favorites to it. Or, if you have tried almost any beer out there, you could position them according to the brewery location they originate from. Another option would be to demonstrate which places you have already visited so you know where to go next. Whatever the case, you can find your own reason to fill this cool gadget yourself.


Which States Are Available?

beer cap maps new yorkBesides the full USA option you could consider to go for the state you live in or a state that you feel attracted to. Maybe it’s your place of birth or maybe you just hang out there a lot. We guess all (or nearly all) states are available and you’ll come across those on the sellers page. For instance there is one of Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, California and New York (picture on the right). But also Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan and Washington are no problem. And LOTS more as well! So go and find out for yourself if your favorite one is amongst them. There is a big chance!


Stuff To Consider

small beer cap holderTo give you a clear understanding of the available products you should know that these gadgets come in different sizes and prices. For instance, the one we showcase at the top of this article is a large version that can hold over a hundred caps. Hence it will cost you almost 70 bucks! But just so you know, there are smaller ones out there for storing only 32 cups for example (see picture on the right). This one will cost you 30 bucks and who knows that’s enough. A long story short, just do your own research as you’ll have all the beer cap maps presented to you anyways.


Where to buy

Beer Cap Maps


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