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Beer Holster Belt -

Beer Holster

Enough Beer Anywhere!

Ever visited a festival where you ran out of beer every 15 minutes? Well, those days can be over. Because with this beer holster you are able to carry around 6 cans of beer and keep your hands free. It’s like being a cowboy but much cooler. People will love you for wearing it and may say something like ‘Why didn’t I think of that before coming here?’. The cotton belt is adjustable so all you have to do is find those beers and get that party rocking! We also present one that’s designed for the girls so make sure they carry one as well. If you’re planning to drink beer you better do it properly!


beer holster for womenbeer holster camouflageWe showcase three of the most common beer holster products right here for you. One you see in the picture above, two other best sellers are found on the right. Whichever you love, they’re all displayed at the sellers page. If you think the black belt is a little boring then you may want to consider the camouflage color. And for the women there’s the rainbow version which must look brilliant. If you and your friends carry one of these then the marathon to the bar can be skipped. Only if you’re a beer fanatic you may need to get that belt refilled, or who knows you are able to wear one extra on your back. Unfortunately it doesn’t keep your beers cold but we’ll make sure to check whenever a new one does. If you cool your cans beforehand you should be fine for quite a while though. Stay cool with this geeky piece of equipment!

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Beer Holster


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