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Ben and Jerry's ice cream lock -

Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

There Is No “U” In “My Pint”

Haven’t we all been there at least once in our lives? With a spoon in our mouths we open the freezer for a delicious moment of some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream…but we come to realize that someone else has been thinking the exact same thing before we did! So, no ice cream! How annoying is that. With your wife waiting for you in the garden to bring her some as well, you start to wonder “where has it gone?”. Was it your wife? Was it your kid? Or maybe even your dog? It’s about time you protect your bucket, even if every member of the family owns one themselves. With this lock you are guaranteed that they’ll leave it alone since only you know the code to get access.


More Info

ben and jerry's ice cream lock detailsActually the Ben and Jerry’s company was considering to sell some of their ice cream in metal buckets with a conventional key-lock on top. However, this experiment was cancelled and finally replaced by this version. It’s made from plastic and consists of two separate parts. One fits from the bottom towards the opening whilst the other one must be screwed from the top. All you have to do now is spin the digits of the lock and you’re done. Notice that you will get a unique code in order to unscrew and open this gadget. You won’t be able to change this secret combination so make sure you remember it or store it in a safe place where nobody will ever find it.


Final Thoughts

If you feel the need to secure your Ben and Jerry’s bucket from ice cream thieves, then this is the way to do so. We couldn’t find a better product so feel free to go and check it out. Not only is it a great solution to keep your tasty snack to yourself, this can also be a funny birthday or christmas gift. When not in use you can easily store it in your kitchen drawer and take it back out when new groceries have arrived.

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Ben and Jerry's ice cream lock


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