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Birdhouse With Camera -


Birdhouse With Camera

Spy On The Birds!

How cool is this? A high quality birdhouse with a built-in camera! It let’s you watch and listen to your new neighbors 24/7  from your television or computer. Stay up to date on how they build their nest, lay eggs and feed their newborns. Or how about being able to experience a first flight from both the inside and the outside? This birdhouse with camera is a fun and educative gadget for just about anybody. It’s also a great gift for bird fanatics as all accessories are included in the set. Very easy to set up so you can start the excitement in no-time! Suitable for different kinds of smaller birds like for example bluebirds or titmice. The house also protects your new friends from squirrel attacks.


The Product Itself

birdhouse with camera connectorsA hawk eye camera is positioned in the roof of the birdhouse and has an integrated microphone. As it’s quite dark inside, especially at night, the camera provides an infrared view so you don’t miss a thing. You connect it with a 100 feet cable which transfers video, audio and power. This birdhouse with camera measures 12 x 8 x 6 inches. On the back you’ll find a hook to attach it to a tree, a fence or whatever. It’s advised to hide the cable as children may forget about it while playing in the garden. Breaking it could lead to damage and maybe even scare your birds. Below you’ll find a video of the exact same birdhouse sold by a different company. You can check their website if you wish but we found a better price on Amazon.




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Birdhouse with camera


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