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Quiet And Elegant Bladeless Fan -


Bladeless Fan

Natural Airflow System

When it comes to fans it leaves no doubt that your choices are almost limitless. The well-known typical spinning rotor is often the cheapest way to bring that cool breeze into your house or office. However they do come with a couple of downsides such as noise, danger and cleaning difficulties. Besides that, do they really make your home decor attractive? We guess they often don’t. That’s why we decided to tell you everything about this fan without blades. Not only does it look extremely modern, it also comes with a couple of fantastic features. So let’s take a closer look and dive into the details.


How Does It Work?

dyson table fanLet’s first start by mentioning that the product we listed here is made by a company called Dyson. They are famous for their electronic tools such as vacuum cleaners and heaters. But with this fan they definitely set a new trend in modern technology. The way it works is quite inventive. Air is forced through a circular opening at high speed after which it moves over a wing-shaped area. Watch the movie right below this section to fully understand what we mean by this. In simple words you can compare it to the wings of an airplane. More air is being drawn in as a low pressure area is created around the outside. All together this sums up to a full and strong wind to cool you down on a warm day. It’s also the reason why it makes hardly any noise!


User-Friendly Features

remote controlYou will get a remote to allow easy control from a good distance. Select the airstream you desire by choosing one of the 10 power modes. It’s also possible to set the timer in case you use it in your bedroom. It can automatically switch itself off after 15 minutes up to 9 hours, whatever you prefer. In order to reach a bigger area the neck is able to continuously turn to both left and right. This way the breeze will cool down a whole group of people, even if nobody is sitting straight in front of the unit. The remote is magnetic and will stick to the outer part of the machine. If you wish you can also adjust the flow by pressing a touch sensitive button at the base of the fan. For your own convenience it is even possible to adjust the position of the circle by tilting it to the side you desire. This could be necessary in case you have objects standing in the way.


Safe And Easy To Clean

no blades safetySince there are no blades involved it should be quite obvious that this contributes to easy cleaning. It will only take a couple of seconds and you’re done. Compared to the more conventional propeller fans it’s no surprise that possible injuries are out of the question. There is almost no danger of cutting yourself or breaking the mechanics. Kids can be very curious and always seem to be interested in touching new stuff. The same thing applies to pets. You always need to watch their movements to keep them at a safe distance. So really take a moment to consider the advantages of this gadget. Take the risk out of causing any harm and get ready for a moment of cool relaxation.

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Bladeless Fan


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