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The Original Bubba Gump Hat -

Bubba Gump Hat

Run Forrest, Run!

One of the most famous sentences people seem to repeat themselves in everyday life. Based on the movie Forrest Gump, which was released in 1994, there is one piece of equipment that really stands out and gained interest worldwide: The Bubba Gump hat. The name arrives from Bubba (Private Benjamin Buford Blue) who grew up in a shrimp fishing family but died in the Vietnam war. Due to a number of circumstances his friend Forrest eventually ends up owning his own shrimping business, together with Luitenant Dan. As an homage to Bubba this resulted in the popular hat that any fan out there should recognize immediately.


The Bubba Gump Hat In Detail

bubba gump hat sideviewJust to be sure, this is the exact replica as featured in the movie. There are similar ones out there for a lower price but they are slightly different. It is shipped in one size and should fit most of us. But it’s always good to take the risk out of not being able to try it on. So for anyone with a head circumference of 57 – 60 centimeters this is brilliant. In inches that would be about 7.25 up to 7.5. You can adjust the tightness on the back for the best comfort. Make sure to never ever clean it in your washing machine. Instead, wash it by hand and leave it to dry by itself. According to other customers the quality is great and the logo looks fabulous.


Not Enough?

forrest gump costumeFor the real Forrest Gump geeks the hat alone may not do the trick. In that case you could consider to get this whole outfit. Notice that the hat is included so don’t order it separately! The yellow and green shirt is a copy of the original and so are the red shorts. As a finishing touch you could even wear the wig and beard that are also included in this set. You’ll even get the socks! The only thing you need is a pair of white shoes and you’re ready to rock the streets. The costume is officially licensed and it’s quality is excellent. A huge plus is the possibility to choose a size. This can be small, medium, large or even extra large. All for the same price of $78.99. That’s almost 60 bucks extra compared to the Bubba Gump hat alone. In our opinion a fair deal when taking into account that the fabric is great. Way better than the clothes you usually find in some Halloween shops. Downside is that it may be a little cold to wear at a winter party. In that case the polar bear costume could be a better choice.


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Bubba Gump Hat


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