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Bugasalt New Model -


The New 2.0 Edition Is Here

Delivering more power than the previous generation, the new Bugasalt insect gun is better than ever! Your chances of actually killing any flying or crawling bugs have increased with the improved accuracy features. Aiming has never been easier and will result in more hits and definitely more fun. Another reason to go for the updated version is the lower salt consumption. Refilling the unit can be frustrating but from now on you can keep that to a minimum. We tell you all about it below.


The Bugasalt In More Detail

bugasalt in detailFor those of you who have no clue what we’re talking about: This is a plastic gun that shoots a certain amount of salt. It’s made to get rid of flying insects, spiders or any other bug. You shoot, they die from the impact. You simply fill the unit with some kitchen salt, after which you are able to fire about 50 shots towards your uninvited guest. Filling is easy and can be done from a small cap positioned on the top. A translucent window will indicate the amount that’s left. Good thing is that you won’t be needing any batteries at all. It works with a slider, just like you see on the water guns your kids may be playing around with. Once enough pressure is built up you will be notified from the pop-up site. Two flat spots on the front and back facilitate upright standing which sometimes can be of great help. Finally there is a safety switch so children shouldn’t be able to joke around. Still we advise you to store it in a spot where only you have access to. You never know.


Final Thoughts

It seems that customers are very pleased with the effectiveness of the bugasalt. Another main reasons they bought one is because it’s way cooler than using the famous flyswatter. It’s definitely not the cheapest gadget to go get but that’s up to you. For those who get one themselves: We wish you happy hunting!

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