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Large Cat Exercise Wheel -


Cat Exercise Wheel

Release That Energy!

With no doubt cats are one of the most popular pets for both adults and children. We usually want our own for home entertainment and some cuddling on the couch. But don’t we all forget that by nature these little fellows are actually predators? It’s the number one reason why lots of people complain that they won’t come and sit by their side while watching tv. They just seem to be walking around the house all day long. Now there’s a good reason for that. You see, in the wild cats would be saving all of their energy for their next hunt. And they do so by sleeping most of the time. When it’s time for dinner they are ready to attack their prey. Unfortunately most households don’t support these peaks and dips. You want to cuddle? Then the cat needs to run first!


About The Wheel

We agree with anyone who says this is quite an expensive gadget. Because it is! On the other hand most cat owners do love their small tigers, which is one good reason why this item is selling like crazy. Besides that we do spend a lot of bucks on food and other toys each and every day. Anyways, this exercise tool measures 48 inches in diameter which makes it attractive to almost any cat out there. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. The main fabric is plastic which makes it light of weight and easy to clean. The inner surface consists of a thick layer of soft rubber. This way your cat has a good grip and scratching is out of the question. Watch the video below to see it in action. Notice how smooth the mechanics turn, even from a tiny movement.

green wheelred version cat toyblue exercise wheel

You have the option to choose a color. There’s a black, blue, green and red version available. What we don’t really understand is why the blue one will cost you 80 bucks more. A little assembly is required which previous customers considered as being very simple. Cleaning can be done with a water spray. A shower head could be a good solution or maybe you have a water hose in your back yard. This would however require a little transportation which isn’t always ideal. That’s why most people simply use a towel, make it wet and wash wherever it’s standing.


New Feature

In case you watched the movie below you may have noticed a small difference compared to the pictures above. The manufacturer decided to add 4 protection caps to cover all of the rolling systems. This prevents any dirt from entering and makes the cleaning process easier. Keep in mind that the video consists of real customer footage from a while back. We thought you should know.

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Cat Exercise Wheel


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