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Awesome Char Griller -


Char Griller

Grill your meal just perfect!

So what is a Char Griller? Well, first thing to explain is that this grill is based on an ancient way of cooking. The main idea behind it was to create a space where heat is developed in the most efficient way. The better the insulation, the higher the temperature. Even if you don’t use that much effort to create that heat. Makes sense? Think of it this way: This product let’s you experience any desired temperature without the need of wasting additional charcoal or owning some kind of perfect airflow system. Let your meat become as juicy as it could possibly be and experience a whole new dimension of what taste is all about!


More information on the Char Griller

char griller outdoorThe outside of the grill is made from steel. On the inside the steel is covered with a layer of porcelain. This adds the insulation properties to the grill, just like the traditional clay ovens did. You’ll have a cooking area of just over 300 inches for you convenience. Should be enough to prepare a whole lot of your favorite foods and spices. For easy rotation and placement the metal construction contains two rubber wheels that can be locked when you found your desired spot. The remaining ashes you will find after using it can simply be removed for cleaning. To get things running quickly you could decide to get some additional fire starter cubes. Or maybe you already are an experienced griller and you don’t bother about those. To protect your new gadget from rain or other outdoor influences there also is a cover available for this model. You’ll come across these possibilities on the sellers page.


Final thoughts

Definitely not the cheapest toy around, but a true fanatic should already know that the char griller is a one-of-a-kind luxury for any garden. Some even seem to take it with them when they go camping. If you are searching for a way to serve that perfect food then this might just be what you need. Go check it out and read more!

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Char Griller


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