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Cheeseburger Phone -

Cheeseburger Phone

Forget Your Smartphone For A Second!

Answering the phone is a daily thing we all do, right? Yeah, we take out our smartphones and push a single button and that’s it! But don’t you agree that this cheeseburger phone would create a geeky and funny moment for a change? Imagine it to stand on your desk, and it rings. You take the burger in your hand, open it and everyone is like “what just happened?” Yeah, it is definitely worth checking out and has been used in multiple films to create that awkward moment.


What is the Cheeseburger Phone all about?

cheeseburger phone in actionWell, as you have probably guessed it’s a phone that looks like a cheeseburger. You simply connect it to you phone slot and you are all set. You can either call someone else or it will ring when they call you. There’s nothing much more to it. Think of it this way: You just want to stand out from the crowd. And look cool with your new gadget. And some people might say something like “Where have I seen that before?” For just 15 bucks it could be yours. Sometimes it’s on offer for less, you’ll find out from the link we give you. Happy calling from the Gadgets Monster Team!

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Cheeseburger Phone


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