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Furry Chewbacca Slippers -

Chewbacca Slippers

Walk Like Chewie

Star Wars fans should already know everything about this intelligent Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. But if you recently decided to watch the movies then there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. You’ll learn as you continue to watch the episodes one after the other. And for anyone who has nu clue what we are talking about, there’s no reason to not read this article either. Maybe you know someone who absolutely adores this fictional character. Whatever the reason, they are all totally understandable if you are looking for a cool pair of Chewbacca slippers. It could be for yourself, for a family member or even a friend.


About The Slippers

kids modelEven though the seller states that these are meant to be worn by males, we absolutely think that is total nonsense. Come on, it’s all about the geeky side of life that most of us wish to express at some point. Besides that, you can select your preferred size. This could be a US 10-11 or 12-13. For kids an almost identical product is available (see picture on the right). The fur is not real as you have probably guessed. Then there is a strap going around the slipper which is made from rubber. This allows a good fit and prevents it from falling off your foot. The sole consists of a soft and flexible material to allow comfortable walking. To make sure you have a good grip, an anti-slip layer is attached to the bottom.


Female Version

female chewy slipper versionLike we already mentioned, we do believe this item looks great on anybody. No matter if you are a boy or girl, man or woman, or whatever you wish to be. So we were wondering what will show up when we search for “Chewbacca Slippers for women”. Well, the ones on the right popped up as the first possibility. Sure, they have a more feminine touch to them, but are they just as cool? Big difference is the face on the front. Just so you know, if these ones match your search criteria better you’ll probably find them on the next page anyways.


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Chewbacca Slippers


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