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Cookie Monster Cookie Jar -

Cookie Monster Cookie Jar

Me Want Cookie

Jars for storing cookies seem to be so popular that often they sell out or people even start collecting them. More and more different versions are being released that it’s hard to keep track of all the possibilities. Aside from the more common glass models there is a massive increase in cartoon and Disney figures that are being transformed into a cookie jar. But it doesn’t just end there, even lots of animals like for example the owl are a great decoration on the coffee table. But since we’re talking about cookies here there is one neat product that we should tell you about: The cookie monster cookie jar.


The Jar Itself

With it’s appealing three eyes and big open mouth this is a funny and creative lookalike of the Sesame Street character. We all know he goes crazy for a cookie, but he is also aware that these snacks are meant for occasional pleasure. And that’s exactly the purpose of this item. A cookie once in a while shouldn’t hurt anybody. So in order to keep them fresh and crunchy this is one perfect way to store them safe and out of sight. This particular jar is made from ceramic which contributes to that typical shiny and well crafted appearance. Compared to plastic jars this must look way more impressive in your kitchen or living room. People will notice it and there’s a good chance they want to own one themselves as well. Usually these gadgets aren’t cheap as they have been painted in order to make them exclusive and one of a kind. Colors are bright and quality is outstanding. You’ll get your hands on this particular one for almost 40 bucks.


Cookie Monster Cookie Jar Alternatives

cookie monster cookie jar alternative

In case you are a bit ‘bleeeh’ about the featured jar then let’s take a closer look at other possibilities. Compared to other muppets there aren’t a lot of similar items to choose from. The only one we came across within the same price and quality line was this pink and green monster. Tastes differ and that’s the reason why we show it to you as well. Maybe it matches your criteria and interior better. Keep in mind that we based our search on ceramics only. If still you are not impressed enough just go and check it out anyways. You’ll come across way more cookie jars for new inspiration.



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Cookie Monster Cookie Jar


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