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Daft Punk Helmet -


Daft Punk Helmet

One More Time…

A song title we probably all heard of at some point in our lives by a duo called Daft Punk. After it’s release in the year 2000 it became a massive hit all over the globe. The two members of the band, Thomas and Guy-Manuel, released several other electronic singles that again dominated the charts in many countries. With millions of fans worldwide the typical Daft Punk helmet (as shown on their posters and album covers) started to become a collectors item. In this article we showcase the helmet of Thomas.


Thomas Daft Punk Helmet

daft punk helmet rightThis is the number one replica that we could find for sale online. But as you have probably noticed it comes with a fine price. For almost 600 bucks you could also go on a holiday or buy some really fancy shoes. However, if you are looking for a phenomenal and original copy of the helmet then this should be something to give a serious thought. Not only is it designed and manufactured by quality specialists, it also consists of top notch fiberglass. Even the exact same size has been taken into account with perfection to details and colors. Since some people have put some real effort into making them, there is a good reason why they aren’t as cheap as some other similar products. Yes, you’ll find some good alternatives for a better deal out there if you just give it a little search. But to be honest, and we hope you will agree, none of them looks just as fine as this one does. If you want to have it as pure as possible then here’s your perfect match.


More Information and Accessories

daft punk helmet and glovesIn case you consider to wear the Daft Punk helmet at an upcoming party then don’t worry about it’s comfort. Even though the outer chrome appearance makes it look like a heavy block on your head, this is definitely not the case. Especially since the inside is covered with a soft and adaptive padding to ensure a perfect fit. Exact measurements are 23 by 28 by 19 centimeters (width, length, height). If you want you can buy additional lights to integrate into the vision area. Also you could order some matching gloves as you may have seen in one of the music video clips. Here’s a picture on the right to give you a better idea (notice: it’s a cheaper and different helmet). You’ll come across those somewhere at the bottom of the sellers page.


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Daft Punk Helmet


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