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Death Star Cookie Jar -

Death Star Cookie Jar

Protect Your Cookies!

Having a cookie with your coffee or tea is almost a logical conclusion. Most of us enjoy these tasty snacks when we come back home from a walk or any other outdoor activity. However it has already happend to many people that someone finished them all before we even found out. So, no cookie! How bad is that? We guess it’s about time you protect them in this death star cookie jar. A jar that everyone knows they should never touch! Especially Star Wars fans should love this product. If these movies are important to you, then your whole family will think twice before they even touch your new gadget!


Keep Them Fresh

death star cookie jar openedIt’s not just the appearance that makes this item unique. It is also capable to maintain the freshness of whatever cookie you store inside. Chances are that you already own some kind of container to keep your kitchen tidy. This just looks a whole lot better. Because the original Death Star holds a population of about 1.7 million military people, it should be clear that it’s a declaration of war if you touch it. Except if it is yourself off course. With dimensions of 12 inches in height and width it will need a safe place to make it’s point. It would be a shame if you hide it from any guest. Especially since this will grab the attention big time!


About The Death Star

For those who have no clue what this article is about, here’s a short introduction. The Star Wars episodes are a science fiction series of movies that a guy named George Lucas came up with. The death star is a space station that travels in a galaxy far far away. Not only does it hold soldiers, it also contains a total of 400.000 droids. Maybe you have heard of the droid R2D2? They are fictional robots equipped with a good amount of intelligence. In the latest film “The Force Awakens” there is a new droid called BB8.

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Death Star Cookie Jar


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