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The Deeper Fishfinder -


Deeper Fishfinder

For A Perfect Catch!

With this sonar Deeper fishfinder you are about to experience a whole new dimension of fishing. Imagine what it would be like to know where that perfect fish is hanging out? This little ball will tell you exactly where to place your bait, at which depth, and what the sea or lake bottom looks like. It works on both IOS and Android devices like smartphones and tablets. A quick and easy app installation (which is free) enables bluetooth connection to the finder with a range of 150 feet. No matter where you go fishing, this works in both salt and fresh water. Now let’s take that predator aboard!


deeper-fishfinder-appThere are multiple ways to take advantage of this fishfinder. One way is to attach it to your fishing line, throw in and slowly get it back. In the meantime all necessary information will be transmitted to your phone or tablet making it extremely easy to locate the fish. If you prefer to use a boat or kayak then you could consider to attach the ball with the so called ‘Deeper flexible arm’ (it’s not included in the set but you can check it out here). It allows you to let the ball stay in contact with the water which provides continuously updated data of the underwater world. Now how about ice fishing? It works exactly the same way although you obviously need to drill a hole in the ice! Keep in mind that this gadget has a diameter of 2.5 inches.


Depth range is from 3 feet up to 130 feet. The internal battery can be charged through a micro USB cable. A full charge takes about 2 hours to complete after which it will work for 4 hours. The possibilities the Deeper fishfinder can provide seem almost endless. That’s why we added the video below for anyone that is seriously considering to get one. It’s a rather long demonstration (15 minutes!) but the best information resource we came across.

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Deeper Fishfinder


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