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Digital Luggage Scale - Gadgets Monster

Digital Luggage Scale

Goodbye Overweight Suitcases!

Ever experienced that moment when you were asked to remove some of your stuff from your suitcase at the check-in desk? If you haven’t, then maybe you remember that anxious situation at the airport where you we praying that your luggage wasn’t too heavy? Whatever the case, with this digital luggage scale those days are over. Take this little fellow wherever you go and trust on it’s fine accuracy. Fun fact: It can also measure the temperature of your room, just so you know!


digital scale detailsSimply attach the scale to your bag or suitcase and lift it up. The LCD display will then show you it’s weight within a few seconds. Keep in mind that this only works for luggage that weighs up to 50 kilograms (or 110 Lbs). If for some reason you forgot the outcome then don’t worry because this gadget has a memory function. The battery is included and you can easily replace it yourself. You have the option to select between kilograms or lbs. Don’t forget to take it with you for your return flight!

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Digital Luggage Scale


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