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Dog Cowboy Costume - Gadgets Monster

Dog Cowboy Costume

Tired of throwing the ball?

Well, let us introduce this dog cowboy costume and maybe change your mind. Let’s face it, throwing a ball or stick can be fun from time to time. But most likely you’re not always in the mood, or it just gets a little boring over time. Now how about adding some fun to the game? That should do the trick for both you and your dog. Simply attach this rodeo cowboy to your dog’s back and be prepared for some serious comedy! Impress your friends and relatives even more with the included bull hat.


dog size tableGreat about this product is the ability to choose a size. These sizes are small, medium and large and are explained to you in the picture on the right. Customers seem to be very pleased about the fit and say the cowboy stays on top of your dog very well. It’s a little more expensive compared to other costumes but we still believe it’s worth every penny. We will make sure to add more of these costumes as we ourselves love them. So come back every now and then to check them out at our pets corner. Last but not least, there’s a video below of the rodeo in action. It’s not in best quality but it should give you an idea of what it’s all about.



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Dog Cowboy Costume


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