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Easybreath Snorkeling Mask -

Easybreath Snorkeling Mask

The Next Level Of Snorkeling

Imagine to go snorkeling and see the underwater world in full detail! With the Easybreath snorkeling mask it feels as if you are a part of the ocean without wearing that tight diving mask. In fact you will have a 180 degree vision just like you’re used to. Besides that, breathing doesn’t run through a snorkel which makes this gadget even better. You can breathe inside this mask without the discomfort of biting on any mouthpiece whatsoever. It even allows you to breathe through your nose which is what most of us normally do when in a relaxed atmosphere.



easybreath insidetribord mask


More info on the mask

tribord underwaterThe snorkeling mask is available in different colors. Usually the blue, the atoll and the pink ones are in stock. The top of the snorkel has a bright appealing design which makes it easy to notice for other swimmers. When diving the entrance of the respiratory system gets blocked immediately which prevents water from coming in. This dry top system works better than the conventional airball mechanism. Don’t worry about possible condense because there is a breathing flow going in and out of the Easybreath. This natural inhale and exhale through mouth or nose will contribute to an experience at ease.


What we like about it

different colors masksThe Easybreath snorkeling mask is available in different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. It is very light in weight and has a pleasant fit around your head. You can take it apart for cleaning but a simple wash will often do the trick. If you are planning your next beach trip and if you love to be around fish and beautiful corals then you should give this product a serious thought.

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Easybreath Snorkeling Mask


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