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Exploding Kittens -

Exploding Kittens

Will You Survive?

In a nutshell, Exploding Kittens is a challenging and extraordinary card game like you’ve never seen before. To be clear, you don’t need to be a cat lover or know anything about them. In fact all you do is try to stay alive in this wilderness of crazy rules by playing it both smart and tactical. We believe that video demonstration is the easiest way to quickly find out if this is something you would want to have. That’s why we added one video about how to play and one demonstration round with four fictional participants.


The Deck And Rules

There’s a total of 56 cards which allows two up to five people to join. If there’s more of you then it’s no problem to add another deck to it and play with even nine contestants. The thing you must avoid is to draw an “Exploding Kittens Card” because that’s where you could lose the game. Different cards with a variety of strategic moves will come in handy in order to skip turns, spy inside the deck or even escape from an explosion. But obviously you need to save and play these options at the right moment as your chances to be blown away increase over time. You can use as many actions as you wish when it’s your turn and make it extremely hard for the next player to save his butt from burning. If you’re the last man (or woman) standing you win the game. Here’s a short introduction for you:


Demonstration Round

In the video below you’ll see how this stuff actually works when you know the rules. They say that if you understand this demo you’re well on your way to give it a go yourself. All the instructions you need are included by the way, so you don’t necessarily need to study from our website. We just thought it would be helpful to give you a glimpse at all the fun, dangers and maybe even frustrations that come along. Feel free to watch it:


Final Thoughts

Some last things to notice are as follows. Exploding Kittens is meant to be played for everyone at the age of seven and up. So almost anyone can join. If however you and your opponents are all adults you could in fact go for the “NSFW” version. This comes with explicit grown-up content and is described as being the butt and boob alternative. But like we said, not for kids. 20 bucks is the cheapest price we came across but let us know if you find a better deal somewhere else. We wish you a safe adventure!

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