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Extra Shot Coffee Mug -

Extra Shot Coffee Mug

Booze Up Your Coffee!

Probably not really meant to be served on the breakfast table. But it will definitely steal the show when you serve your guests with a delicious cup of coffee after dinner. Especially if you know which liqueur they prefer to have in it! In stead of just placing the whole bottle in front of their noses, you can now prepare the little flasks in your kitchen and attach them to everyone’s mug. This could be Baileys, Tia Maria, Licor 43, you name it. The perfect gadget for a surprising treat!


What’s In The Box?

mug packageObviously the ceramic mug itself which in fact is quite big. It measures almost 4 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter! Should last for quite a long coffee break, so chances are small that you’ll end up refilling the shots over and over again. Then there is the small flask which is made from stainless steel. What we like about this material is it’s resistance to rust or corrosion. A leather belt holds the pieces together and can be removed for easy cleaning. 10 bucks is the lowest price we could find online. Usually you’ll find it on sale for somewhere between 12 and 15 dollars. A cool addition to anyone’s kitchen accessories and also does it’s work pretty well when throwing a party. Guests seem to love these things and questions like “Where did you get these” or “How cute” aren’t uncommon at all.

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Extra Shot Coffee Mug


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