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Feet Hammock -

Feet Hammock

Take It Easy!

Do you recognize those moments when you sit at your desk and your feet are just restless? Maybe you tried to lean them on another chair, or maybe even a huge pillow. But how about this feet hammock? It should definitely make your life a whole lot easier! Total relaxation is guaranteed after simply clicking this hammock below your desk. No need to do any hard work like screws or measurements. Simply attach, set your desired length and you are ready to go within seconds.


feet hammock detailsAnyone can do this! The set involves two clips which are made from metal. You position them at either side of your desk and hang the hammock in between them. After that you select the size of your feet carrier. This ranges from 20 up to 45 centimeters. Sit on your chair, try it out and maybe adjust it once or twice. The ropes make this extremely easy. Most likely you want to make sure your feet hammock is floating at a low altitude when you are at work. For relaxation you can simply change this to a higher position to place your legs in a more horizontal direction. And anything in between could be a perfect choice too. For just over 13 bucks this is absolutely a fantastic gadget for either at your office or in your house. There’s no need to order more than one set because taking it down and carry it with you is no problem at all. Impress everyone at work and we guess there’s a big chance they will get one too!

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