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Fingerprint Lock -


Fingerprint Lock

Protect Your Privacy

If you are looking for a way to keep your house or office protected from intruders then give this fingerprint lock a serious thought. Fingerprints are unique so why not use them as a safety feature on your door. We all should have a set of keys which come with the risk of getting lost or being stolen. But from now on you can leave your valuable belongings in a protected place that only you can enter with a single touch. A simple and user-friendly product that almost anyone should be able to install even if he or she has no experience. You won’t be needing any wires or heavy duty equipment!


Overview Of The Fingerprint Lock

fingerprint lock optionsBesides the print of your finger, this product also works from a secret combination code and even a key if you wish. Maybe not the main reasons to buy it, but still it’s always good to have some kind of backup plan. Remember the code and hide your key in a place where nobody will ever find it. For multiple users this is also a perfect choice, for instance if you have a group of colleagues that should be able to enter. This lock can remember 120 different fingerprints so most likely that should be enough. Each and every unit comes with a unique code consisting of six numbers. It will give you access to programming and preferences. So make sure you are the only one who knows this code as you’ll need it for adding other users or resetting. A coating makes it look attractive and contributes to a long life span without wear.


The Reviews

With 4 out of 5 stars this must be categorized as a serious and proven to work fingerprint lock. From 72 customers who bought it only a few seem to dislike it. However the majority tells us that it works fabulous. Some were even so impressed that they bought more over time. Usually the main purpose is a functional one, however sometimes people just get it because of the futuristic atmosphere it provides.

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Fingerprint Lock


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