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Extendable Flyswatter -


Extendable And Bendable!

The perfect tool to help you reach almost any annoying fly. Choose your desired length, set the angle and simply move this flyswatter towards your enemy. Press the button to activate the electric current and get excited for some serious action. One big advantage is that there’s no need to make any swinging or smashing moves as the racket does all the hard work for you. The times of leaving a mess on your walls or ceilings are over with this weapon!



Specifications Of The Flyswatter

compact flyswatterThe maximum length when extended is 3 feet. Add the length of your arm to it and most likely you’ll be able to reach almost any location in your house. The compact design when folded makes it easy for you to bring it on a holiday or outdoor expedition. It should fit most backpacks and suitcases and won’t take a whole lot of space. It requires two AA batteries which you’ll get with you purchase. Replacing them is easy. The flyswatter comes with a safety button which may be necessary if you have young children. Still it’s better to take no risk and hide it from them until they get older.


Anything Else You Should Know?

fly swatterMake sure to take full advantage of this item by also killing mosquitoes, wasps and whatever is bothering you. Or how about spiders? No need to be afraid of them anymore as you’ll be able to get rid of them from a fair distance. It will make a zapping noise when in contact but you’ll get used to that. Compared to the traditional swatter this one will stay clean. No need to rub off bug remains or any of that nasty stuff. It’s developed by a company called Dynatrap who make all sorts of bug zapper products. They named this swatter the Dynazap. A cool product that should last for years to come!

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