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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair -

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

Align Your Spine

Now this is one healthy gadget for everyone who spends hours and hours sitting at their desks! More and more jobs these days involve a huge amount of hours where you are sitting in front of your computer for administration or picking up the phone. But do we all know that there is a risk of creating back problems? Sure, the first couple of years we usually don’t really bother about it that much. We want to start our new careers as good as we can so we just go with the flow. However, at a certain point we could notice some pains here and there, often in some combination with our spine. Sitting up straight is not an automated process, but necessary to avoid those nasty recurring pains in our neck and back.


Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Details

gaiam balance ball chair in actionJust so you know, the set comes with a black frame and an inflatable ball to sit on. The ball is actually available in different color. You can choose black, purple, blue, green, ocean and wasabi. It’s diameter measures 20.5 inches (52 centimeters) and you’ll receive a pump with your order. Usually the first inflation should do the trick, but keep in mind that it may be necessary to add some additional air to it once or twice before it will remain it’s size for the long term. Four wheels are attached to allow rolling and easy access to different office or house locations. The distance from one wheel to the other is about 20 inches (50 centimeters). This allows a stable position. To adjust your preferred set-up there are two locks on the front and two on the back. Define your personal comfort and you should be ready to enjoy this chair for years to come.


Requirements & Function

gaiam balance ball chair sittingIn order to use the Gaiam ball chair you need to do just a little assembling. It’s not hard and not that much. You’ll receive instructions with it so you should be okay. It’s perfect for anyone with a body length between 5 feet and 5 feet + 11 inches. The maximum body weight is 300 pounds. A pump for inflation is included. Since you will force yourself to maintain your balance, it may take a couple of days to get completely used to sitting on it. But once you do you will love it! It will support you to sit up straight and therefore keeps your spine in a vertical line. Say goodbye to pains that affect the upper half of your body and let the Gaiam ball help you to achieve that goal. Apart from that, your boss should be thankful too!

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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair


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