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Giant Stuffed Bear -


Giant Stuffed Bear

The Ultimate Surprise!

93 inches of pure teddy hugging is definitely guaranteed with this giant stuffed bear. It’s HUGE! And even better, because it is so huge it is delivered in an enormous package which will make your christmas tree look like a plant. Or how about a birthday? Your kid will go nuts big time! The one and only question that remains is will it fit through your front door? Also you may want to check if there is some space left in your house to give it a warm welcome. If your kid wants to sleep next to it you should also consider to get a 2-person bed!


Details of this giant stuffed bear

giant stuffed bear in bedgiant stuffed bear outdoorsFull measurements are 30 by 93 by 30 inches and it weighs around 50 pounds. Together with the delivery box the total weight is 100 pounds! The inside is stuffed with polyester fibers and the outside is made out of synthetic polyester. Because there’s a big chance that it won’t fit into your washing machine, you can clean it with soapwater whenever it gets dirty. Even though this is definitely not a product that your kid will swallow by accident, the seller says it is appropriate for ages three and up. Soft skin and friendly appearance make this a fun daily cuddling experience.


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Giant Stuffed Bear


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