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Golf Ball Finder Glasses -

Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Save Time And Money

Golf is not a sport we all practice but it’s becoming more popular these days. Some take it really serious whilst others put more weight on the social talks or green environment. Whatever the case, we all seem to loose a golf ball from time to time. We either hit it completely wrong or find an excuse that the bushes have moved after our swing. We end up searching and searching until we either find it or come across somebody else’s ball. The only problem is that searching takes a lot of time. Also, the next players on the court will show up at some point wondering what it is you are doing.


Introducing The Golf Ball Finder Glasses

golf ball finder glasses viewIf you recognize yourself in the story above, or if you know someone who keeps on buying new balls every week, then make sure to keep on reading. Because these glasses will help big time! Obviously they are blue but there is a good reason for that. The blue lenses are able to lighten up anything in the color white. So as long as you are using white golf balls this could just be the equipment you need. Here’s an idea of how this roughly looks like.


Our Verdict

We haven’t tried it ourselves but customer reviews seem very promising. People found their ball in about 65% when they had no clue where to look. One person even came back with 21 balls! One thing necessary for this to work is that at least a part of your ball must be exposed. So this will not work in very deep bushes with leaves all over them. For almost 10 bucks this is well worth it’s price and you’ll have your money back in no time! Here’s a demonstration video for you to check out:

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Golf Ball Finder Glasses


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