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GoPro Dog Harness -

GoPro Dog Harness

Dog Camera Action!

How cool would it be to capture videos from your dog’s view? Well, now you can with this GoPro Dog Harness! Imagine the awesome footage you will be able to re-watch and work on later. Throwing the ball or going for a swim must definitely lead to some funny and spectacular shots! Attaching is easy and can be done on your dogs back or chest (or both). You would however need to own (or get) a gopro camera since we just show you the harness here.



GoPro Dog Harness Details

gopro dog harness detailsYou may want to be sure this will fit your dog. In fact it should fit almost all kinds of dogs, however a chihuahua may be a challenge! But still the seller (GoPro) tells us that it should work on any small, medium or big size. A simple rule is that you should be okay if your dog weighs somewhere between 10 and 120 lbs (or 7 and 54 kilograms). The GoPro dog harness has adjustable straps on the side which make it an easy job to get things all set. If necessary you can remove the chest mount which may be a good idea for the little ones. To make sure your pet agrees to wear this equipment the designers made sure that it has a soft and flexible touch. Furthermore you can wash it by hand or washing machine as there’s a good chance it will get dirty. Even though the camera is easily and strongly connected you can never be sure if it will come loose. Especially if your dog goes totally nuts in some bushes or a forest. That’s why there’s a safety string connection so no matter what happens, your camera will always come back to you!


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GoPro Dog Harness


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