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Big Gorillaz Poster -

Gorillaz Poster

Unique Wall Decoration

Ever since the group “Gorillaz” was formed in the year 1998 they have become the most successful virtual band in history. Fans will know the four stars known as 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs. However the actual musicians behind them are two guys by the names of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. For their music videos they use these animated characters which in the meantime gained millions of fans worldwide. If you are a big fan of these folks and if you are fascinated by their appearances, then maybe the Gorillaz poster is the one thing you need to show your passion and love. We will show you a couple of other posters too just in case you are wondering what else is out there. But let’s first take a glimpse at the featured one which by the way is our favorite.


All Here Gorillaz Poster

One of the things we like best about this specific item is the simple yet typical expression of the characters. Sure, in some video clips they are displayed in more detail. Take the song “Stylo” for example where modern animations start to become really impressive. But in the end it’s always good to look back at where this stuff all began. In our opinion that’s exactly the purpose of this poster. The size is big enough to make a statement in your house and the exact measurements are 61.50 by 91.50 centimeters. If you decide to get your own then it will be rolled into a container for proper shipping. Make sure that after opening you spread the poster and place some weights around the edges so it will return to it’s full shape. Stick it onto your wall or get a frame around it and you’ll have one fascinating piece of art. For less than four dollars this is a great deal if you ask us.


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To give you a good overview we selected a couple of similar posters that you should know about. They are a little more expensive and you’ll have them displayed somewhere on the buying page. Just decide for yourself if there is one that you must have or that is worth the investment. As long as you are happy with it!

gorillaz poster studio  gorillaz solo  

gorillaz poster hip hop  gorillaz decoration


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Gorillaz Poster


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