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GoSun Stove -


GoSun Stove

Sun Cooking Your Meal

How about heating up your food in a fun way? Yes, this comes in handy when you go hiking or camping, but it’s also just cool to have. This GoSun stove is definitely one of the best ones in it’s category. In only 10 to 20 minutes your meal will be cooking like crazy when placed in direct sunlight. No matter summer or winter!




So what is it all about?

A good thing about the GoSun is that it doesn’t require any fuel or coals like you would need with a regular barbecue. It is optimized to catch a huge amount of sunlight which in it’s turn will heat up the stove. The tube in the middle is where 85% of this heat is transferred to which explains why it can achieve massive temperatures. You can set your desired temperature between 90 and almost 300 degrees Celsius. So yes, you can even fry with this thing on a cold mountain ridge! Or how about a hot cup of coffee? When done simply fold it back together and continue your journey. It weighs around 3,5 pounds and the center compartment can hold up to 3 pounds of food. And if that’s not enough for you and your company, just wait for the second round. Another big advantage is the possibility to set the base of the structure. This way you can make sure that the GoSun stove is always facing the sun perfectly. Since it is easy to clean you can expect to enjoy this product for a lifetime.

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