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Make Greenscreen Videos -



Video Secret Revealed!

Ever wondered how people make those video’s where they are able to put themselves in front of any background? Actually it’s very easy, they use a greenscreen. Recording yourself on a green background gives you the opportunity to take away the green color, thus making it translucent. If you now add your video onto another background (like for example the moon), it will look as if you were actually there! In this post we will focus on the shooting of your video. Off course, after that you’ll need some kind of software to take away the green and add your desired pictures to stand in front of. But don’t worry because there are numerous (free) simple programs out there!


greenscreen demonstrationWe actually bought this gadget a couple of years ago and used it A LOT. So let’s give you a good start and teach you all you need to know! The reason why we show you this greenscreen is because the set includes three lamps. Good lighting is key to making this project a success. Imagine you have just one light source in front of you, then there should be shadows all over the screen! And because these shadows are black, they will not be transferred to translucency in the end. So you need three lights: Like we said, one that faces you from the front, but two others that shine directly onto the screen. We advise you to position them on the left and right side, but just out of sight. This will not only accenturate the color green, but will also dominate your shadows and make them disappear. We made a simple demonstration for you, cool huh?


greenscreen lightsThe greenscreen itself is very easy to set up and take apart afterwards. You even get a carrying bag with it to take it anywhere you want. It’s also good for storage so you don’t end up searching for all the parts! Setting it up takes us about five to ten minutes. After we shot our footage we download it to our hard disk. Once this is done we open the file with a program that is capable to filter out the green color. We use iMovie from Apple, but you can use any software you prefer. For the PC there are quite some great options to choose from, just do a simple search in Google for “pc greenscreen software”. Even on Youtube there are lots of tutorials on how to get things done. One last important notice is to make sure you don’t wear any green clothes. Or maybe you want to experiment with that too and just have your head exposed. Just keep in mind that anything green will disappear! Enjoy the fun!


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