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Easy But Professional Guitar Tuner -

Guitar Tuner

Tuning Made Easy!

Anyone playing the guitar here? One of us does so we ordered this ‘Snark’ guitar tuner, a cool little gadget that works extremely well! Matter of fact is that anyone playing the guitar probably already owns a tuner and may not need a new one. But for all newbies (or pro’s who are in need of a product like this) we give a massive thumbs up for this item! It’s designed to do the trick for acoustic, electric and bass guitars. One cool and handy feature is the possibility to attach it anywhere on the headstock of your guitar and rotate the display towards yourself. The full color display will indicate if your string is too flat or too sharp. When adjusting you simply aim for the green line in the middle. You can set the tuning module to microphone or string-vibration. This vibrating option comes in handy when you are in a crowded situation with a lot of noise surrounding you. It also comes with a metronome function with a range of 40 up to 250 beats per minute. Definitely worth it’s price!


More details about this guitar tuner:

It works on a battery which is included and can be replaced by yourself. To save power the display will go to black after 10 seconds of silence. But the tuner is still active! Only if you leave it with silence for 2 minutes it will completely shut down. Restarting is easy and quick by pressing the grey button on the front. The neck of the ‘Snark’ is flexible and it’s head can be rotated in any way for your convenience. To tune your guitar you want to aim for the green line in the middle. On the left side there’s a red area indicating how flat your sound is. The right area is yellow which shows you how far you’re on the sharp. If this doesn’t make any sense then watch the video below. It’s rather long but could be of help to get a good impression (it’s also a good tutorial for beginners). Let’s make some music!


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