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Hairbrush Flask -

Hairbrush Flask

Don’t Forget Your Booze!

Going on a holiday or even a night out can be good fun, but wouldn’t it be better if you could take your favorite alcoholic drink with you? Even when that is not allowed? Let’s say you were going to the cinema to watch a movie, how would you like to be able to turn that Coke into a Bacardi-Coke? Or how about a concert where you don’t have permission to bring your own drinks? Let’s face it, a shot of Jägermeister isn’t exactly cheap these days. So stop spending dollar after dollar on your cocktails or shots, and you’ll earn back this hairbrush flask in no time!


The Details

hairbrush flask in cinemaThe flask itself is made from polycarbonate, which is a strong and tough material. It can hold up to 6 oz (US fluid ounce) which equals to almost 0.2 liters. You can unscrew the end of the grip and fill the brush with whatever beverage you prefer. Not only does it look like an actual hairbrush, in fact it is. Stuck at a boring birthday party where the bar hasn’t opened yet? Well, go do your hair in the bathroom and finish off with a delicious sip. When totally empty the product weighs 0.45 pounds (200 grams) which is less than some similar ones.



hairbrush flask packageThe number of occasions to take advantage of this item are almost countless. People seem to bring them to all kinds of places. Most popular are (like we already mentioned) the cinema and concert, but they are also doing their jobs on cruises, meetings, bars, restaurants and excursions. Some even bought one for their hairdresser as a funny way to show their appreciation. The volume obviously is way less than a full bottle, but that way you protect yourself from falling off your chair. If you go out with a couple of friends you may want to take two with you.


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Hairbrush Flask


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