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Henes Broon Ride On Car -


Henes Broon Ride On Car

Remote Controlled Excitement!

When it comes to entertaining your kid, this is definitely one insanely cool but expensive toy to get. Let’s face it, there are a tonne of similar rides out there for way cheaper prices. The reason why we picked this one is simply because it looks absolutely stunning. Besides that it comes with a whole lot of features that other cars aren’t equipped with. Furthermore it’s safe, very comfortable and even includes a multimedia cockpit comparable to a tablet.


The Exterior

ride on car for kidsWe picked the black color but this item is also available in red and white. You can see both of them in the video below. Just like almost any electric car for kids this model is a convertible. Look at how detailed the front and tail lights are integrated into the chassis. The LED bulbs can be used for regular lightening, but will also indicate braking and turning. To make it as realistic as possible you can open the doors, the trunk and even the hood. The wheels are one of the few parts that need to be assembled by yourself. What we consider a big plus is that they all come with individual suspension and shock control.


The Interior

remote car interiorA leather seat is what immediately draws our attention. It can almost be compared to the luxury seat we adults often select from the accessories book when we buy our own car. But besides allowing a soft spot to sit on this also contributes to less back or bottom pains. If your kid is having a good time, then most likely you are too. For safety there is a seat belt on board to position around shoulders and belly. You’ve probably seen those before in race cars. In the feet area you’ll find speed and braking pedals. The steering wheel has a u-shape, which by the way looks fabulous and even a little futuristic. The cockpit itself is what really makes this car unique. Not only does it hold a fully integrated 7 inch tablet with speakers, it even has a WiFi connection which allows you to entertain your kid during his or her ride. Let them watch youtube videos, listen to their favorite music, or you may even want to download some of the educational apps.



  • Measurements are 49 by 24 by 19 inches (125 by 61 by 48 centimeters)
  • Total car weight is 65 pounds (30 kilograms)
  • Variable speed with a maximum of 5 miles per hour
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Reverse function
  • Select remote control or let your kid drive from the car directly
  • Suitable for kids at ages 1.5 – 6 years
  • Kid may weigh up to 66 pounds (30 kilograms)


Final Thoughts

Henes Broon developed a whole bunch of electronic cars so you may want to check those out as well. You’ll come across them anyways. In our opinion this is a fun way for both parents and kids to take out the dog or enjoy a neighborhood walk. It’s one of the most expensive gadgets on our entire website, but we understand that all the features do come with a price. Let us inspire you with this video and who knows what happens after that.

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Henes Broon Ride On Car


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