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Affordable Hologram Projector -

Hologram Projector

Can’t touch this!

Three dimensional gear is kicking it and doesn’t always need to be very expensive. Take this hologram projector for example. It let’s you create your own 3d image that will appear right on top. And the best part is: It’s an illusion! You see it, you can take a picture of it, but you can’t touch it. That’s right, your fingers will go straight through!



As you see in the video it works by two parabolic mirrors. The little piggy comes with your order but you can use some of you own stuff. Get ready for a serious laugh when you place any object that people are willing to pick up, like a key or a coin. They will go nuts! The diameter of this hologram projector measures nine inches and the opening in the top two inches. The inserted object wil remain it’s color and can be viewed from 360 degrees. Be careful with sharp objects like a stone for instance. This could scratch or damage your mirror. Also cleaning (like removing dust) should be done with care. A fun little accessory for any home decor!

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Hologram Projector


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