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Umbrella Hotdog Stand -


Hotdog Stand

Start a new career!

Do you like hotdogs? Or ever considered to go and sell them to your friends, relatives or even strangers? In that case you should definitely check out this hotdog stand! Besides using it to make some extra money, you may just want to own one for the joy it brings. Imagine throwing a party, people must love this addition to your garden, tent or wherever you are celebrating. It is capable to cook 8 hotdogs at a time and even comes with a box to keep your drinks cold! Not the cheapest gadget around but this is meant for the few who take hotdogs seriously. Enjoy your meal!


hotdog stand outsidehotdog stand rollerOne of the best things is the side bar. People will not only buy your hotdog, but they may just stay for a couple of minutes while they enjoy their food. This cart will invite them to stick around and maybe even enjoy a second round. For you this bar also provides an additional working area where you can present spices or salt and pepper. The roller that we show you in the picture is heated. You’ll also find two inserts to keep your food warm in case you prepared too much. Three other inserts are meant to store sauce or other additions you want to offer to you customers. In case you don’t like the umbrella (we love it) you can take it off so don’t worry about that. Controlling the unit is made very easy so anyone can do this! But maybe just give it a first try at home to experience cooking times and other details. A wind guard is also delivered with this stand. All together one of the best we came across for hotdog addicts and sellers.


hot dog control panel hotdog bread hotdog sauce hotdog drink cooler

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Hotdog Stand


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