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How to get rid of gnats -

How To Get Rid Of Gnats

Say Goodbye To Gnats!

We guess most of us have experienced gnats at some point in our lives. The tiny flying insects are extremely annoying and seem to reproduce at the speed of light. And whenever we think they finally left the building, they seem to be back to welcome you with a new invasion. That’s why we decided to do a post on how to get rid of gnats. Maybe it’s of help for some of you. We will tell you how to do it yourself and when to consider to buy this product. There are way more similar items to choose from, so always do you own research too. We will however give you a summary below on the advantages of this gadget. Now let’s get your house or kitchen clean!



What are gnats?

You could say that gnat is the main word for any small flying insect. The most common one probably is the fruit fly. Should ring a bell right? You come home from work, walk to your kitchen for a drink and there they are: Flying little creatures. Most of the time on or near the fruits you had previously bought from your local supermarket. So what just happened? Well, these gnats could come from literally anywhere. They are able to smell your fruit from a huge distance and are tiny enough to enter your house through really small openings. Otherwise there’s a big chance that you get these bastards for free with your bananas or apples..they could contain thousands of eggs! Scary right? But it’s the truth. One single fly can lay up to 200 eggs!


So how to get rid of gnats?

In general you have two options. You could consider to build a trap yourself, or you could buy one. We found out from this website that building your own trap can do the trick if your gnat problem is not so bad. If you have a couple of them flying around then follow these steps:

  • Fill an empty jar with vinegar (just over half full)
  • Cover the jar with thin foil till it’s sealed
  • Pick little holes in the foil with a tooth stick
  • Place it close to the bugs

how to get rid of gnats productIn case you have quite an amount of gnats flying around you should consider a decent trap. Here’s one that will help you out. It’s a product that will do everything for you without the risk of releasing chemicals (always keep that in mind!). And the thing we personally like about it is that it’s not a zapper. Even though zappers can be silent, you will always hear a sound when the action is going on. This trap however works with adhesive boards. Gnats stick to them and that’s really much it. When doing more research on how to get rid of gnats we found out that these flyers are attracted to UV light. That’s why the guys that came up with this thing made sure they added a 10 Watt bulb. You can decide if you want to add 1 or 2 adhesive boards to the product and you can order them separately in the future. All you do is connect it to an AC home energy source and switch it on. Also the bulb can be ordered separately (it’s model number FW9).



Decide for yourself to either make a trap from household materials or buy one from a shop. The product we show you here is just one out of many. But it gets good reviews and seems to do it’s work amazingly well. Definitely worth checking out if you have a colonization bothering you over and over again. Happy hunting!



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