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Take Grilling To Perfection

With the iGrill you are about to become a master chef when it comes to grilling! This small gadget lets you know when your burger, steak or whatever you are preparing is ready to be served. The times of opening your barbecue and checking your meat will be over. From now on all you do is sit back and relax and wait for your smartphone to tell you dinner is ready. Works through bluetooth and is compatible with most Apple and Android devices.


About The iGrill

igrill appThe product itself is a nicely designed thermometer which measures the inside warmth of your food. After installing an app on your phone or tablet the iGrill will connect to it. You can choose between different cooking programs or simply set your desired temperature. Now all you do is wait, enjoy a glass of wine or join the conversation your friends are having. The app will help you to achieve the best possible results and comes with a collection of recipes. There also is a product shop and off course the support desk. Fun fact is that you can check who else is using the same product in your area and you can even exchange pictures for new inspiration.


app displaygrilling app recipeSome more details:

Range of measurements is from -22 up to +572 Fahrenheit (which equals to -30 up to +300 Celsius). We guess you’ll keep it somewhere within these limits! Stay within a distance of 150 feet for the Bluetooth connection to work. It’s battery should last for around 150 hours and you can replace it yourself. At the bottom there is a magnet for easy attachment. In case you don’t check your phone there still is the color changing light on the iGrill to keep you updated on the heating process. Make sure to bring it when you go camping.


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