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Indestructible Dog Toys -

Indestructible Dog Toys

Keep On Chewing!

If you’re looking for a dog toy that’s just impossible to destroy then you may want to consider this Goughnuts (not Doughnuts) product. When searching online for indestructible dog toys we came across it on Amazon. The thing we liked best about it is that the seller actually will send you a new one in case your dog is able to break it anyways. They say it’s even resistant to the real heavy chewers! So who knows this is just the ultimate challenge for your four legged friend. Just so you know, you can get this item in the color green, black, orange and yellow. And if you don’t like the round shape you could also go for the stick.


Let’s Check It Out

indestructible dog toys stickSo like we said, this thing is unbreakable. From the outside you can select your desired color, but from the inside it’s actually red. Once your dog is able to chew as far as the red interior you’ll get a new one. It’s as simple as that. The fabric is rubber but a very strong one. When doing a little more research we found out that it’s really beneficial if your dog chews on something. It stimulates the saliva production which protects the teeth and keeps the mouth healthy. And when we went to read some customer reviews we were sure that this is a great toy to go get. Some customers even seemed to own some aggressive biters but these indestructible dog toys were just unbeatable. If you take your dog to the beach or even camping then don’t worry to loose it. It will float in water. On the above right you see a picture of the stick version. It’s exactly the same story, but may be more appropriate for some of us.


Are there more indestructible dog toys?

There definitely are. We will refer you to the product we mentioned here, but you’ll come across more different ones from there. For instance there is a ball or the double-goughut for the big fellows out there. Go ahead and read more about them if you feel like it. In the end it’s all about combining fun and health in one!

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Indestructible Dog Toys


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