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Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume


Do you have an upcoming party scheduled but you’re still uncertain what to wear? If there is a dresscode then probably your choices are limited. However, if you are free to choose anything you like then maybe this dinosaur outfit will do the trick. Picking the right costume can make the difference between having a lot of fun and having no fun at all. Especially if more people wear exactly the same one! We always try to only select party dresses that are both exclusive and eye catching. So if this one isn’t exactly your thing then you can still take a closer look at the polar bear, astronaut, Forrest Gump or Pocahontas for example. Music geeks who like to spend big bucks could also consider to get the Daft Punk replica helmet with matching gloves.


How Does It Work

inflatable dinosaur costume adults and kidsThis dinosaur costume is inflatable, which means you get to store it quite easily and bring it to life whenever you need it. What we like best is the fact that the inflation is done automatically. You don’t need to use your own breath, and more importantly it will save you a lot of time too. A small fan is integrated inside the dino which you can activate with a single switch. You’ll find it located on your belt. To make it work it requires four AA batteries. Unfortunately these are not included but we guess most of us have them at our homes somewhere. To maintain it’s proper shape the system will be working for approximately seven hours. You’ll find a version for adults and one for kids.


Is There More?

inflatable ostrichinflatable patrickOff course! In fact there are quite an amount of similar costumes to check out. For instance you’ll come across the ostrich which will most definitely add some fun to the celebration. Or how about Patrick from the Sponge Bob movies? Should be a good choice for children as most of them love this starfish. We could go on about all the different choices but we guess you get the point. They all work in exactly the same way and prices don’t differ a lot.

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Inflatable Dinosaur Costume


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