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From iPhone To Your Wrist

Apple geeks may already own this cool accessory to allow 24/7 communication with their iPhone. But for those of you who don’t, let’s talk you through some of the main features that it comes with. More models have been released and there seems to be a gigantic collection of wrist bands to choose from. But for now let’s stick with the one we show you here. As time goes bye, prices drop. And when we noticed that you can now get your own for less than 300 bucks, it was about time to let you all know. For just a couple of dollars more you can even decide to get another color of the band. We’ll show you some pictures below.




Main Features of the iWatch

So, now that you know what it looks like and what price category you should be expecting, it’s time to dive into the technology behind it. Apple did their ultimate best to make it as user friendly as possible, and they did a good job on that. With just a touch or single button you can control a whole lot of apps and programs that you have running on your phone. But, yes, it also displays the time! By lifting your arm, the black screen turns into your watch-display. Lower your arm to switch it off again. A cool battery saving feature. You can adjust the way the clock looks like for your own convenience, and to maybe even match the color of your wrist band. Add stuff to your display like for instance weather or calendar notifications. Or make sure you will receive a personal message as soon as you receive an e-mail.

iwatch thicknessapple watch insidesmartwatch side view
Controlling can be done in several ways. Swipe your screen up or down to get access to a whole lot of options. For instance, you will be shown your most favorite content or missed messages. To have an overview of all the apps you can press the button on the upper right. They call this the ‘Digital Crown’. It allows you to navigate through your iwatch very easily by turning the wheel up or down. But you can off course also swipe the screen directly. Furthermore, it provides zoom and direct access to Siri. Setting your timer or daily move goals is done in just a matter of seconds.

green-watchblue watchred-watch


Another handy characteristic is the so called ‘Force Touch’. This is where you hold your finger on the screen for a short moment after which your usual interactive options pop up. For example, if you are using a map on your iwatch you can quickly use this feature to have the search field arise. Or if you receive a message it will show you the reply button.

display of the watchdisplay details


The last button is placed on the lower right. This is done because a lot of people spend most of their time communicating. So press the button and you’ll see a list of your favorite friends that you speak most. Quickly call them or send them a message without searching through your whole apps collection.



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