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Jamstik Smart Guitar -



Or Should We Call It The iGuitar?

That was our first thought after reading the details of this insanely cool musical gadget. And the reason for that is because the Jamstik is compatible with only Apple devices. This can be an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod touch or even your Mac. In one sentence this is the easiest way to practice and master the skills to become a fine guitarist. With countless apps already being developed this is like having a music teacher available 24/7. There is absolutely no need to have any experience with playing an instrument or being able to read notes from a sheet. Before you know it you can play the wildest chords to the funkiest background drums.



jamstik requirementsBefore you get your hands on it there are a couple of details to keep in mind. First of all you will get 4 apps to immediately start your training. However you need to have at least iOS 8.12+ installed or any version after that. Otherwise it will not work. Good thing is that you can usually upgrade your operating system for free. In case you plan to use your iPad then please notice that you need to have the third generation or up. iPad minis work fine too. For iPhone users the 4S and higher will work and with the iPod touch please check if you have generation 5 or newer. Mac users must have OSX 10.10 running. We wouldn’t be surprised though if these facts will change over time as new software is always being released.



jamstik softwareThe Jamstik comes with a USB cable for charging. In other words, no cables must be connected in order to play it. Good for those who plan on using it while traveling, like in the back of a car for example. It’s small enough to fit into a lot of backpacks to carry it with you on your next holiday. Through a bluetooth connection you’ll have a streaming response on the display. Since the neck is sensitive for touch you can see exactly what you are doing and how to do it better. It’s the most efficient way to exercise your fingertips and press those strings like a professional. The touch feels as natural as possible since these six strings are real ones and never need to be tuned by yourself. Integrate and record your results with just a few clicks in programs like Garageband or Logic Pro.



Even though more and more people own an Apple product these days, it would have been cool if this would also work on other systems. But who knows this will change in the (near) future. Even though we found a 10% discount it’s still not what we call cheap. We understand that stuff like this comes with a price but almost 300 bucks makes it not an easy buy if you’re a student for instance. In the end taking real lessons could be even more expensive.


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